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Lisso's flagship Gentium.
We have prepared first-class elegance for you, our precious person.
Gentium, the culmination of the best existing technologies,
A first class seat placed in your space.


  • 4D three-dimensional massage ball

    SL-TYPE three-dimensional massage

    4D mechanical three-dimensional massage ball

    Level 3 Zero Gravity (ZERO-G)

    super sliding recline

    AI automatic body measurement and recognition

    pelvic cross stretch

    whole body air massage

    3STEP Sole, Dual Rolling Massage

    4D three-dimensional calf scrub massage

    back, back heat

    leg length adjustment

    Bluetooth speaker

    heat, cold wind

  • | Rated power consumption: 200W

    | Product Weight : 115kg

    | Size: 85cm (width)x153cm (length)x122cm (height)

    | Automatic course: 14

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